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  1. Gratitude for Our Volunteers at CPS

    March 6, 2020

    China Primary students showed their appreciation to a special group of people on February 14th.  Volunteers were invited to attend a breakfast and presentation given in their honor. Pre-K and… Read More

  2. February Student and Staff Recognition

    March 4, 2020

    We had our monthly student/staff recognition assembly on Feb 28th.  Students and staff are recognized for kindness, grit (effort) and being responsible.  We also recognized the 136 students who had… Read More

  3. 100 Days Smarter in Kindergarten

    March 2, 2020

    In Kindergarten, we celebrated our 100th day of school by creating stations that revolved around the number 100. Here are some students in Mrs. Gosselin’s class. They worked on building… Read More

  4. Tasting Maine at CPS

    February 19, 2020

    Mrs. Babson’s grade three has been learning about some of the resources that impact the economy of Maine. Earlier in January, the class learned about the blueberry barrens of Washington… Read More

  5. Force and Motion experiments at CPS

    February 11, 2020

    Fourth graders at CPS participated in a force and motion experiment in which they tested how either the friction, the height of a ramp, or weight affected the speed of… Read More

  6. Reading buddies connect at CPS

    February 7, 2020

    Mrs. Steven’s kindergarteners and Miss Preston’s second graders got to spend some time reading together after winter break. The second graders enjoyed picking out books they thought the kindergarteners would… Read More

  7. The votes are in at CPS!

    February 5, 2020

    China Primary has decided to adopt a Red Panda! The second graders did a lot of research on various animals and lead a whole-school World Wildlife Assembly at the end… Read More

  8. CPS World Wildlife Foundation

    January 28, 2020

    Second grade is at it again! This January, CPS second graders have been researching endangered animals and preparing to lead a whole-school World Wildlife Assembly at the end of the… Read More


    January 24, 2020

    One day a young kindergartener asked his teacher what his class could do to help the Australian wildlife that is suffering due to the devastating bushfires ravaging The Land Down… Read More

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