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CPS Teachers Receive Engagement Grants

by Darlene Pietz

Congratulations to China Primary School teachers Lacey Studholme and Tori Imes for being recipients of  $400 and $1000 respectively from the Samuel C. Leigh Student Engagement Grant!

Both teachers are employing STEM lessons in their classrooms, which integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The monies will help purchase materials for the activities.

Mrs. Studholme also sent a request to for additional supplies to support her STEM curriculum.  Several donors across the country sent monetary gifts to fulfill Mrs. Studholme’s request.

To add to her STEM resources, Mrs. Studholme entered a contest to win a STEM Maker Shop which is a hub for hands-on, project-based learning creation and invention.  She did not win the Maker Shop but the creators were impressed with her request and offered her a choice of three products as a “consolation prize.”

Mrs. Studholme chose a school-wide license for “Maker Math” that has many hands-on learning activities aligned with our Math standards.   Recently she was able to share with all CPS teachers.

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