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China Primary and China Middle Schools are collaborating with Sweetser to provide consistent school-based behavioral health services to children and families in China.

Sweetser school-based clinicians are able to provide individual, family, and group therapy in the natural setting of your school, in your home, or in an office-based setting. Specific, individualized services are designed to provide rapid access, a comprehensive assessment, and solution-focused treatment for individuals, groups, and/or families. Sweetser school-based clinicians collaborate with school personnel and families to reduce the barriers to school success that confront children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges, or for those who are at risk.

The Sweetser school-based clinician offers weekly sessions that are individually designed to meet your child’s needs. Family meetings are also often scheduled when desired or needed. The sessions include a variety of treatment approaches geared to your child’s age, cognitive level, and ability.

Sweetser school-based clinicians are highly trained, skilled, and licensed Master’s level clinical social workers. Together with your family, they will assess your child’s situation, and then help you develop an appropriate treatment plan. Sweetser accepts MaineCare and most other insurance programs. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Lisa Jones, Guidance Counselor, at 445-1550 Ext 7125.

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