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China Primary MoMEntum

By Darlene Pietz

Last winter China Primary School was one of nine elementary schools invited to participate in a Maine Department of Education pilot project called MoMEntum. This project was designed to improve the literacy achievement of students in kindergarten through grade three.   The MoMEntum Pilot Project began in December 2016 and will end in October 2018.

During the two years of the pilot, teachers are engaged in ongoing professional learning delivered by trained literacy and technology integration specialists, in order to strengthen literacy instruction including the use of iPad technology provided by Apple, Inc.  Literacy teaching practices and technology are combined for a single purpose — improved literacy achievement by all learners.

Students’ levels of literacy achievement are assessed three times a year with the standardized NWEA growth assessment.  The tests results are used to inform literacy instruction for each individual student.  As part of instructional activities, the project uses a program called eSpark to assist with differentiating lessons.  The eSpark program selects applications and creates “quests” on the ipads.  Students must show mastery before moving on to the next skill area.

The exciting news is that test data from last spring showed good gains for all of our students in the area of literacy.   We are all working hard and hope to see continued gains for our students as a result of being part of this project.





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